Improve your pet’s health and protect them from diseases, including certain types of cancer.
Spay & Neuter
If your family includes a dog or a cat, having them neutered or spayed is one of the best things you can do as a pet parent. These routine procedures prevent unwanted litters, lower the risk of certain health problems, and often curb troublesome behaviors. At Heritage Animal Hospital, we perform spaying and neutering for pets in Sterling, Virginia, and the surrounding areas and recommend these surgeries for most of our patients.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

While spaying and neutering are surgical procedures, they are routinely performed and very rarely lead to complications. In addition to preventing pregnancy in pets, they offer several health and behavioral benefits.

Neutering a male dog or cat eliminates the risk of testicular cancer while lowering the risk of prostate problems. And spaying reduces the risk of mammary tumors and cancer, reproductive cancers, and uterine infections.

Both procedures make pets less likely to experience hormone or endocrine disorders, including diabetes. Spaying and neutering offer behavioral benefits, too, and can prevent roaming in search of a mate, yowling, howling, territorial marking, and even aggression. Spayed females also do not have heat cycles.

Spaying and Neutering in Sterling

For spaying and neutering in Sterling, trust the skilled veterinarians right here at Heritage Animal Hospital. When you choose us for your pet’s operation, they will be in excellent hands every step of the way. Please reach out to us today to learn more or schedule your furry family member’s appointment.
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